About us

The EPA (European Police Association) is a non-profit-making and non-political association that was established in Brussels in 1995. It gathers more than a thousand police officers from the 25 countries of the European Union, with various law enforcement competencies (policemen, gendarmes, customs officers), as well as members of the EU and NATO security services.

Its objectives:

  • to stimulate the exchange of information and experiences between the police officers of the European police services;
  • to provide useful information about the progress made by the institutions and European working groups on security related matters;
  • to organise and participate in conferences and seminars, as well as in events that bring police and public together;
  • to stimulate open-mindedness and an European police culture.

Each European country is represented by a national division or correspondents. The European standing bureau is located in Brussels.

For more information, please contact the European Head Office.
Email : info@europeanpolice.net