EPA Network

About 2 million police officers are currently working within the European Union. Be they members of federal, national, local or regional police forces, of gendarmerie brigades, of customs or financial departments, etc., a wide majority of those police officers do nevertheless not have any contact with their other European colleagues. Only a few specialists exchange information and can, in some case, participate in European security projects.

Now, the rhythm of technological innovations and legislative evolutions, the implementation of police co-operation agreements and bodies are increasing year by year. Thoroughgoing changes are announced for future training and working conditions of policemen and customs officers. The European Security Research Programme (ESRP) is intended to catch up the technological backwardness of the EU and to better co-ordinate the efforts aimed at guaranteeing the security of the European citizens.

Therefore, it should be interesting for police officers to be able to follow this progress systematically and to consult each other on the basis of their experiences, in brief, to exchange a maximum of useful information. That is exactly the intended purpose of the EPA and its partners through its website as a common European platform.

The European Head Office