GM 2020

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EPA's statutory General Assembly took place under exceptional conditions on 13 March 2020. Many members had apologised because of the coronavirus epidemic, while our secretary had just been hospitalised for a completely different reason and the treasurer had preferred to abstain so as not to take any risk of contamination.

Our Serbian and Austrian friends Lazar Odzic and Heinz Habe had nevertheless made the trip, despite the risks involved.

May they be thanked for their presence and their interest in the EPA!

Our Italian delegates had apologised for the particularly critical situation in the country.

On Sunday, the day after the GA, they were forced to visit Brussels on the first day of closure of the Horeca sector, just before the general confinement decreed in Belgium.

We were relieved to learn afterwards that they had returned home safely and in good health...

Let's get back to the assembly...

After thanking the members present, the President gave an update on the EPA situation and the consequences of the coronavirus on our next activities: postponement of our trip to Serbia, uncertainty for the June motorcycle trip to Italy, impossibility to make arrangements for our one-day trip in September/October...

The GA of 6 April 2019 did not receive any comments and is therefore approved.

In the absence of the treasurer, our president reads his report.

The complete reading of all the receipts/expenses movements is made.

The accounts were audited on 11 February 2020 by the Auditor, Robert LEFEBVRE, who, after making his report, suggests to the General Assembly to approve the accounts and give discharge.

The 2019 accounts are unanimously approved and the meeting gives discharge to the directors.

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