Tribute to the victims of Bois du Cazier

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Marcinelle, August 8, 1956...

On August 8, 1956, 275 men went down to the Bois du Cazier mine in Marcinelle (Belgium).
It was at 08.10 am that the tragedy occurred at a depth of 975 m.
7 miners manage to surface.
The rescuers manage to rescue 6 others.
It is only on August 23 that the rescuers will succeed in reaching the bottom of the mine, at 1.035 m. of depth.
Their verdict will be final: "tutti cadaveri"... Among them many Italians.

Alongside a delegation from the Benelux Carabinieri Association, the EPA paid tribute to the 262 victims of the disaster on 8 August 2018... 62 years already...

We visited this coal industry during an EPA day in 2014...
We won't forget!

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